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Social Work, B.A.

University: Catholic University of Applied Sciences Berlin

Visit website: https://www.khsb-berlin.de/

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7 Semester

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403 € / Year


The Catholic University of Applied Sciences Berlin offers the Bachelor's degree “Bachelor of Arts in Social Work”. This course is divided into seven semesters and provides the students with theoretical knowledge and methodological tools, in order to give them the ability to act professionally within the different fields of social work. This Bachelor programs benefits the students with a combination of theory and practice, as well as with a chance to learn and adopt an inquiring attitude that will critically reflect on the developing process of their profession and the scientific discipline of social work. With this degree, students are presented with professional opportunities such as employment with independent organizations or official agencies of youth, in social and health assistance, social work in the context of migration, social work with people with disabilities, educational and educational work, advice and support for families, in social gerontology, or in private practise and adult education.

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