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Sociology, B.A.

University: University of Bamberg

Visit website: https://www.uni-bamberg.de/

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6 Semester

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Full-time studies; Part-time studies


100 € / Year


Sociology is a social science that deals with social patterns, relationships, interactions, cultures and society as a whole. It analyzes human behavior and social processes. Sociology students have the opportunity to study current social issues like inequality, globalization, crime, unemployment, poverty, discrimination and more. Sociology programs typically teach subjects like Social Anthropology, Understanding Society and Culture, Urban Sociology, Understanding Politics and Economy, Social Change, Human Services, Religion and Society, Globalization, Gender and Sexuality, Media, Culture and Society, Patterns of Inequality, Theories of Society and Culture, Social Psychology, Criminology, Law, and Social Policy and others. Sociology students gain understanding of how society functions and why humans behave following certain patterns – adhering to certain written and unwritten rules within professional and home environments, for example. Through theoretical lectures and practical experience like projects and internships, students develop strong analytical and systematic thinking about society, writing and communication abilities, self-awareness, cultural competence and problem-solving and decision-making skills. Career prospects for graduates include crime analyst, market researcher, teacher, human resources manager, data analyst, probation officer, paralegal, community organizer, marketing manager, and many more.

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For this program, a general higher education or university of applied sciences entrance qualification is required. Knowledge of German Language.