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Visual Communication, B.A.

University: Berlin University of the Arts

Visit website: https://www.udk-berlin.de

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8 Semester

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Full-time studies


320 € / Year


The Bachelor’s study program “Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication” at the Berlin University of Arts covers eight semesters of German-taught curriculum and leads to the obtention of 240 ECTS. The program is devised into a two-semester foundation and a specialization phase for the rest of the modules. Students can choose between Graphic design, Illustration, Information Design, Advertisement, Exhibition Design, New Media and Moving Image – the aim of all being to embrace all possible observable modes of employment of visual art. Eligibility criteria include proof of artistic talent and knowledge of German, which is the vehicle language of the studies. The entrance exam consists of a task and and interview. There is also a possibility for transfer from other universities. In the course of the program undergraduate students receive guidance and academic foundation in order to conceive, realize and mediate their own artistic projects. The technical aspect of visual arts in the contemporary world is also analysed. Students can continue their studies into the next degree at the university, or dedicate their talent to professional practice in the field of visual communication.

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