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Vocational Education in Metal Technology, M.Ed.

University of Bayreuth

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Vocational Education in Metal Technology, M.Ed.

University: University of Bayreuth

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4 Semester

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111 € / Year


The University of Bayreuth offers the Master’s degree “"Master of Education in Vocational Education in Metal Technology’’, which includes a wide range of different specialist areas, especially in the field of competence, which is based on engineering, there is constant demand for well-trained teachers. Throughout this course the students are brought closer to the interrelationships of the materials sciences from the raw materials used and the process engineering to the structure of the materials and their properties. Also, they could gain extensive knowledge in the chosen subject (chemistry, German, English, computer science, mathematics, physics and sport) and in the field of educational sciences. The graduates are prepared for highly qualified activities in the field of vocational education, such as for company training management and coordination in companies and inter-company educational institutions. The entry requirements include a university degree in a bachelor's degree (Bachelor of Education) vocational training specializing in metal technology at the University of Bayreuth or an equivalent degree, as well as a proof of the successfully completed sports aptitude test and language skills: German: B2.

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