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The COVID-19 grant from UNIVERSITAET.COM: much needed aid for students in need

The COVID-19 grant from UNIVERSITAET.COM: much needed aid for students in need

The pandemic has left students in a difficult position, trying to make ends meet and keep up with their studies. Proper financial aid is difficult to find, especially with so many looking for it. There are not a lot of options for students in need of a scholarship, and loans have to be paid back, making them not the best choice. A great option comes in the form of the UNIVERSITAET.COM grant: a one-time payment to support students, without the need to be repaid.

Being a student is a difficult time in anyone’s life. Having to balance between studying and financing yourself is as hard as it gets. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the situation not only worse but almost impossible to handle without any financial help. Many students with part-time jobs have been laid off, which has left them in a position of despair. Even if tuition is free, there are living expenses such as rent, food and transportation, as well as textbooks and learning materials that need to be covered. For someone who has lost their income, paying for the essentials can become a struggle. But even in a situation like this, there is hope.

Financial struggles during the pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there are not many options for students to support themselves financially. Looking for a job is a mission destined to fail, since there are not many openings already, and thousands of people are in the same position. There are some scholarship and loan programs, but finding a reliable one that provides the necessary funds is very difficult. The German government offers students affected by the pandemic interest-free loans for both German and international students, but with so much uncertainty, a loan is not the best option, especially because you usually have to pay them back. There are also limited options for grants, with various requirements and long waiting periods, which makes them inconvenient. So, what can students do to benefit from financial support during the global pandemic?

One helpful option: the UNIVERSITAET.COM grant

The all-encompassing platform for higher education institutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, UNIVERSITAET.COM, is offering a one-time grant in the amount of 600 EUR to three students enrolled in full-time studies at academic institutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The aim of this grant is to contribute to ensuring students’ financial stability and providing them with the means to continue their studies. With the grant, they will receive a slightly greater amount of security and confidence that they need in these times of uncertainty.

In order to apply, students are required to register on UNIVERSITAET.COM, fill out the form on the website that includes their expected graduation date and most recent GPA, as well as attach proof of study, their CV and a motivational letter that thoroughly explains why they need the grant. The three students with the best applications will be selected based on academic merit. Students are to apply only once and ensure that all documents they upload are original. Any form of plagiarism will instantly be disqualified.

Apply today and benefit from the UNIVERSITAET.COM grant

What makes the UNIVERSITAET.COM grant a great option for students in need of financial help is the fact that it’s easy to discover and navigate, with a quick and problem-free application process, and conducted entirely online. The UNIVERSITAET.COM grant will ease the worry about finances during the COVID-19 pandemic and help students partially gain back their confidence about their money. Students from the Open Institute can also apply for the grant, as it is established in collaboration between the two online platforms. Overall, an exceptional choice for students suffering under the consequences of the pandemic, the UNIVERSITAET.COM grant is another welcome helper for the ongoing financial problems for many.