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Aalen University

   Aalen, Germany
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Aalen University

Country: Germany


65 Programs

5,600  Students

The Aalen University, founded in 1962, is a public university seated in Aalen, Baden-Wuerttemberg. It provides approximately 5,700 students with an academic education in the fields of Engineering and Business. Prospective students can choose between 50 different study courses in five faculties (the Faculty of Chemistry, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, the Faculty of Optics and Mechatronics, and the Faculty of Management and Business Science). Graduates of Bachelor studies, which span a six to eight-semester study period, have the opportunity to enrol in one of the 20 plus Master degree courses, which last between three and four semesters. The scope of studies offered by Aalen University also includes a number of extra-occupational studies, among them the study courses “General Mechanical Engineering“ (Bachelor), “Business Administration“, (Bachelor), “Mechatronics“ (Bachelor), “Industrial Engineering“ (Bachelor, Master), “IT Security Management“ (Master), “Human Resources Development and Education Management“ (Master), “Electric Mobility“ (Master), “General Management“ (Master), “Mechanical Engineering“ (Master), “Vision Science and Business“ (Master), and “Business Information Systems“ (Master). Aalen University also provides the opportunity for doctorates, usually in the form of cooperative doctoral programs.



    University address: Beethovenstraße 1, 73430 Aalen, Germany

   Phone:  +49 7361 5760

   Fax:  + 49 7361 5761701


Beethovenstraße 1, 73430 Aalen, Germany
+49 7361 5760
+ 49 7361 5761701

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