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Anton Bruckner Private University

   Linz, Austria
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Anton Bruckner Private University

Country: Austria


200 Programs

850  Students

Anton Bruckner Private University, founded in 2004, is a private university seated in Linz, Lower Austria that specializes in Music, Acting, and Dance. Round about 850 students currently receive an education in Art, Art Education, and Aesthetics. Prospective students can choose between 13 Bachelor and 12 Master degree programs. A Bachelor’s and Master’s degree (B.A./M.A.) can be obtained in the classical instrument categories as well as in Early Music, Classical Music, Historical Performance, Computer Music, Jazz, Composition, Vocal Studies, Contemporary Dance, “Musikvermittlung“, Acting, and Elemental Music Education. The study offer is complemented by extramural studies and courses (Instrumental Tuition, Subsidiary Subjects, Early Music Course, Wind Orchestra Conducting Course, Choral Conducting Course, Improvisation in String Teaching Course, Music Theatre Studio Course, Theatre Pedagogy Course, Urban Dance Style Course).



    University address: Hagenstraße 57, 4040 Linz, Austria

   Phone:  +43 732 701000

   Fax:  +43 732 701000299

   Website:  https://www.bruckneruni.at

Hagenstraße 57, 4040 Linz, Austria
+43 732 701000
+43 732 701000299

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