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Bucerius Law School Hamburg

   Hamburg, Germany
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Bucerius Law School Hamburg

Country: Germany



639  Students

The Bucerius Law School, founded by the ZEIT Foundation Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius in 2000, is a state-recognized foundation university seated in Hamburg that has the right to confer doctoral and post-doctoral degrees. It is privately sponsored by the Bucerius Law School gGmbH. Round about 700 students are enrolled at the Bucerius Law School. The scope of studies includes undergraduate studies in law, the Master degree program “Bucerius Master of Law and Business“, and other study programs. The law study program lasts four years and leads to the First State Examination in Law or the LL.B. degree, respectively. The Master program “Bucerius Master of Law and Business“ is a continuing education program that enables executives to analyze legal and economic issues of entrepreneurial actions at the international level. The program leads to a LL.M./MLB. The educational portfolio is complemented by three intensive summer programs for advanced students which are carried out every year in July. They include the Bucerius Summer Program in International Business Law, the Bucerius/UC Hastings Summer Program in International IP Transactions, and the Bucerius Summer Program in Sports Law.



    University address: Jungiusstraße 6, 20355 Hamburg, Germany

   Phone:  +49 40 307060

   Fax:  +49 40 30706269

   Website:  https://www.law-school.de/

Jungiusstraße 6, 20355 Hamburg, Germany
+49 40 307060
+49 40 30706269

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