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Fresenius University of Applied Sciences

   Idstein, Germany
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Fresenius University of Applied Sciences

Country: Germany


93 Programs

11,106  Students

Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, founded in 1848, is a state-approved private university seated in Idstein, Hesse. It has further locations in Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Munich, Zwickau, Banská, Bystrica, and New York City. It offers round about 11,700 students study programs that are conducted at four faculties: the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology, the Faculty of Design, the Faculty of Economy and Media, and the Faculty of Health and Social. The scope of studies offered ranges from full-time through extra-occupational study programs to a variety of distance learning programs at Bachelor’s and Master’s level. The extra-occupational programs include such degree courses as “Industrial Chemistry“ (B.Sc.), “Bio and Pharmaceutical Analysis“ (M.Sc.), “Business Chemistry“ (M.Sc.), “Occupational Therapy“ (B.Sc), “Speech Therapy“ (B.Sc.), “Physiotherapy“ (B.Sc.), “Sign Language Interpreting“ (M.A.), “Manual Therapy“ (M.Sc.), “Neurorehabilitation“ (M.Sc.), “Osteopathy“ (M.Sc.), “Therapeutic Sciences“ (M.Sc.), “Media and Communication Management“ (B.A.), “Logistics and Retail“ (B.A.), “Tourism, Hotel and Event Management“ (B.A.), and “Digital Management“ (M.Sc.). The scope of distance learning programs includes the degree courses “Business Administration“ (B.A.), “Healthcare Management“ (B.A./M.A.), “Media and Communication Management“ (B.A./M.A.), “Technical Business Administration and Digital Transformation“ (B.Sc.), “Business Engineering Digital Engineering and Management“ (B.Eng.), “Business Engineering Production and Manufacturing“ (B.Eng.), “Business Psychology“ (B.Sc.), and “Business Engineering“ (M.Eng.).



    University address: Limburger Str. 2, 65510 Idstein, Germany

   Phone:  +49 800 7245834

   Fax:  n/a

   Website:  https://www.hs-fresenius.de/

Limburger Str. 2, 65510 Idstein, Germany
+49 800 7245834

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