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German open Business School (GOBS)

   Berlin, Germany
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German open Business School (GOBS)

Country: Germany


29 Programs

444  Students

The German open Business School, founded in 2011, is a state-recognized private school for business and administration. It is sponsored by the BildungsCentrum der Wirtschaft foundation. It accomodates over 400 students, who are enrolled in extra-occupational Bachelor, Master, and MBA study programs in six fields of study: Business and Management, Business and Psychology, Business and Law, IT Management, Engineering, as well as Health and Social Affairs. The Bachelor’s degree can be obtained by going through a three-stage process whereby students obtain an interim degree after each completed step: The completion of the first step after four semesters leads to an Associate Degree in Economics, the completion of the second stage after six semesters leads to a Diploma in Business Studies, and the completion of the third stage leads to a Bachelor of Arts. To facilitate the entry into student life, the German open Business School offers numerous bridge and preparatory courses.



    University address: Bismarckstraße 107, 10625 Berlin, Germany

   Phone:  +49 800 5012345

   Fax:  +49 800 5012346

   Website:  https://www.go-bs.de/

Bismarckstraße 107, 10625 Berlin, Germany
+49 800 5012345
+49 800 5012346

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