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HFH University of Applied Sciences

   Hamburg, Germany
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HFH University of Applied Sciences

Country: Germany


31 Programs

10,964  Students

The HFH University of Applied Sciences, founded in 1997, is a state-approved private university seated in Hamburg. It is funded by the HFH Hamburger Fern-Hochschule gemeinnützige GmbH. Nearly 10,000 students are enrolled there in extra-occupational and dual Bachelor programs as well as several Master programs. The scope of course offerings at Bachelor’s level includes the degree courses “Engineering“ (B.Eng., postgraduate course), “Business Studies“ (B.Eng., postgraduate course), “Business Administration“ (B.A.), “Vocational Education for Health and Social Professions“ (B.A.), “Business Administration for HAK Graduates“ (B.A.), “Business Administration for HBLA and HLW Graduates with Higher Education Entrance Qualification“ (B.A.), “Health and Social Management“ (B.A.), “Health Care Studies for People with Professional Experience“ (B.Sc.), “Nursing Management“ (B.A.), “Industrial Engineering“ (B.Eng.), “Industrial Engineering for HTL Graduates“ (B.Eng.), and “Business Law online“ (LL.B.). At Master’s level, the University provides the study courses “Organization and Personnel Management in Heatlhcare“ (M.A.), “Mechanical Engineering“ (M.Eng.), “Business Administration“ (M.A.), “General Management“ (MBA), and “Business Law online“ (LL.B.). Dual study courses are offered in the following cases: “Business Administration dual“ (B.A.), “Business Administration: Dual Study Course for Trainees in Marketing Communication“ (B.A.)“, “Business Administration for Trainees in Social Insurance“ (B.A.), “Health Care Studies“ (B.Sc.), “Logistics Bachelor“ (B.A.), “Logistics Bachelor Bavaria“ (B.A.), and “Logistics Bachelor Rhein-Main“ (B.A.). Added to this are continuing education programs in the fields of Health, Nursing, Engineering, Business, and Law, as well as the cooperative doctoral program “Business Administration and Management“ (PhD). Studying at HFH University of Applied Sciences is also possible for people without higher education entrance qualification.



    University address: Alter Teichweg 19, 22081 Hamburg, Germany

   Phone:  +49 40 35094360

   Fax:  +49 40 35094310

   Website:  https://www.hfh-fernstudium.de

Alter Teichweg 19, 22081 Hamburg, Germany
+49 40 35094360
+49 40 35094310

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