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Hochschule Weserbergland (HSW)

   Hameln, Germany
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Hochschule Weserbergland (HSW)

Country: Germany



460  Students

Hochschule Weserbergland, founded in 2010, is a private institution of higher education seated in Hameln, Lower Saxony. It accomodates some 500 students. The range of study offerings includes dual study courses, training-accompanying and extra-occupational study courses, as well as continuing education programs. The following study courses can be taken on a dual basis: “Business Administration“ (B.A.), “Business Information Systems“ (B.Sc.), and “Industrial Engineering“ (B.Eng.). The study course “Business Administration“ is also offered as a training-accompanying course. At the extra-occupational level, prospective students are provided with the study program “General Management“ (MBA). The continuing education opportunities provided by Hochschule Weserbergland include seminars and trainings, a development program for executives, as well as the certificate courses “Shaping the future“ and “Digital transformation – Ensuring the future“.



    University address: Am Stockhof 2, 31785 Hameln, Germany

   Phone:  +49 5151 95590

   Fax:  +49 5151 45271

   Website:  https://www.hsw-hameln.de

Am Stockhof 2, 31785 Hameln, Germany
+49 5151 95590
+49 5151 45271

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