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Humboldt University of Berlin

   Berlin, Germany
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Humboldt University of Berlin

Country: Germany


186 Programs

43,697  Students

Humboldt University, which was founded in 1809, is one of Berlin’s oldest universities as well as one of the 20 biggest universities nationwide. Being one of those universities that have been included in the third line of funding within the scope of the Excellence Initiative, it belongs to the circle of “elite universities“. More than 34,000 students are enrolled at the Humboldt University in the following nine faculties: the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Life Sciences, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the Charité (joint Faculty of Medicine of Humboldt University and the Free University of Berlin), the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Faculty of Language, Literature and Humanities, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, the Faculty of Theology, and the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. The scope of studies includes 185 study programs, with the Humboldt University offering not only conventional subjects but also “small“ subjects such as “European Ethnology“, “Deaf Studies“ and “African and Asian Studies“. Moreover, the Humboldt University is the only university in Germany to offer the study program “Rehabilitation Sciences“ with focus on sign language pedagogy and audio pedagogy, as well as the international Master’s program “Religion and Culture“. The Humboldt University is also the only university throughout Berlin to allow studying Social sciences, Agricultural Sciences, and Protestant Theology. Medical studies are carried out at the Charité.



    University address: Unter den Linden 6, 10117 Berlin, Germany

   Phone:  +49 30 20930

   Fax:  +49 30 20932770

   Website:  https://www.hu-berlin.de

Unter den Linden 6, 10117 Berlin, Germany
+49 30 20930
+49 30 20932770

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