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International Psychoanalytic University Berlin

   Berlin, Germany
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International Psychoanalytic University Berlin

Country: Germany



583  Students

The International Psychoanalytic University Berlin, founded in 2009, is a state-recognized private educational institution in Berlin with university status and with nearly 600 students. It is in private ownership of the International Psychoanalytic University Berlin GmbH. In line with its endeavour to establish psychoanalysis as a university science, all programs offered at IPU involve psychoanalytic contents. Prospective students can choose between five study programs. The scope of studies includes the undergraduate degree course “Psychology“ (B.Sc.), the full or part-time Master program “Psychology with a clinical focus“, as well as the three extra-occupational Master programs “Psychoanalytical Cultural Studies“ (M.A.), “Integrated Care/Psychosis“ (M.A.), and “Leadership and Consulting“ (M.A.). In addition, IPU, in partnership with Humboldt University Berlin, offers a doctoral study course. Admission to study at IPU is subject to a two-step selection procedure made up of an online application and a personal selection interview.



    University address: Stromstraße 1, 10555 Berlin, Germany

   Phone:  +49 30 300117500

   Fax:  n/a

   Website:  https://www.ipu-berlin.de/

Stromstraße 1, 10555 Berlin, Germany
+49 30 300117500

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