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Music and Arts University Vienna

   Vienna , Austria
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Music and Arts University Vienna

Country: Austria


194 Programs

860  Students

The Music and Arts University Vienna, founded in 2005 as a private university, is a private art school seated in Vienna, Austria. It is sponsored by the City of Vienna. The University is split up into two faculties: the Faculty of Music, and the Faculty of Performing Arts. Around 860 students are currently enrolled there in more than 30 Bachelor and Master degree programs as well as university and preparatory courses. In the Faculty of Music, the study programs “Conducting and Composition“, “Keyboard Instruments“, “String Instruments“, “Wind and Percussion Instruments“, “Jazz“, and “Early Music“ are on offer. The Faculty of Performing Arts offers the study programs “Voice and Opera“, “Musical Theatre“, “Drama“, and “Dance“. Added to this is the four-semester interdisciplinary Master course “Master of Arts Education“, as well as the university/certificate courses “Certificate of Performance“, “Instrumental and Vocal Teaching“, “Chamber Music“, and “Classical Operetta“.



    University address: Johannesgasse 4A, 1010 Wien, Austria

   Phone:  +43 1 5127747

   Fax:  +43 1 51277479989364

   Website:  https://www.muk.ac.at

Johannesgasse 4A, 1010 Wien, Austria
+43 1 5127747
+43 1 51277479989364

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