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Palucca University of Dance Dresden

   Dresden, Germany
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Palucca University of Dance Dresden

Country: Germany



164  Students

Palucca University, founded in 1925, is a public dance school seated in Dresden, Saxony that is entitled to confer doctoral degrees. The University’s course offerings include the Bachelor degree courses “Dance“ (B.A.), and “Dance Teacher“ (B.A.), as well as the Master degree courses “Dance Teacher“ (M.A.), and “Choreography“ (M.A.). The dance education provided at the University breaks down into several stages: It already begins during childhood with the so-called orientation classes (5th and 6th year) and the Young Talents Programme (7th through 10th year). Following the acquisition of the intermediate secondary school leaving qualification, students can take up one of the Bachelor degree courses described above. The three-year Bachelor course “Dance“ is designed for students to further develop their dancing skills and to learn theoretical and practical knowledge about dance and art, dance and film, as well as dance and architecture. The four-year interdisciplinary Bachelor degree course “Dance Teacher“ combines practical dance subjects and methodological subjects with musical and scientific subjects. At Master’s level, Palucca University provides the study course “Dance Teacher“ both as a two-year attendance course and as a three-year extra-occupational part-time course. The two-year Master course “Choreography“ aims to extend choreographical skills, with a focus on theoretical and practical knowledge. The University’s course offerings are complemented by a four-semester Master Class course in the fields of Ballet, Dance Education, and Choreography,specifically designed for dancers, dance instructors, and choreographers. Palucca University accomodates round about 150 students.



    University address: Basteiplatz 4, 01277 Dresden, Germany

   Phone:  +49 351 259060

   Fax:  +49 351 2590611

   Website:  https://www.palucca.eu

Basteiplatz 4, 01277 Dresden, Germany
+49 351 259060
+49 351 2590611

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