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Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences

   Pforzheim, Germany
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Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences

Country: Germany


49 Programs

6,000  Students

Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences, founded in 1877, is a public institution of higher education seated in Pforzheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg. With more than 6,000 students, Pforzheim University of Applied Scienes belongs to the largest higher education institutions in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The University breaks down into three schools: the School of Design, the School of Engineering, and the Business School. Prospective students can choose between 29 Bachelor degree programs and 17 Master degree programs. Among the degree programs offered at Bachelor’s level are “Fashion“, “Jewellery“, “Mechatronics“, “Industrial Engineering“, as well as “Business Administration“ (specializations: Control, Finance and Accounting; Purchase and Logistics; International Business; International Marketing; Marketing; Marketing Communication and Advertising; Market Research and Consumer Psychology; Media Management and Advertising Psychology; HR Management, Resource Efficiency – Management; Taxation – Auditing; Business Information Systems, Management & IT; Business Law). The scope of Master studies offered includes, for example, the study programs “Creative Direction“, “Mechatronic System Development“, “Auditing, Business and Law“, “Auditing and Taxation“, “Human Resources Management“, “Information Systems“, as well as “Life Cycle & Sustainability“. To round off its educational portfolio, Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences also provides a number of continuing education programs, including the MBA programs “International Management“, “Management“, the extra-occupational Master programs “Embedded Systems“, and “Strategic Innovation Management“, as well as the extra-occupational continuative certificate program “Innovation Management“. The Master programs “International Management“ and “Transportation Design“ are held in English. Depending on the respective program, graduates of Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences obtain a B.A., B.Sc., B.Eng., LL.B., M.A,. M.Sc., or MBA degree.



    University address: Tiefenbronner Str. 65, 75175 Pforzheim, Germany

   Phone:  +49 7231 285

   Fax:  +49 7231 286666

   Website:  https://www.hs-pforzheim.de

Tiefenbronner Str. 65, 75175 Pforzheim, Germany
+49 7231 285
+49 7231 286666

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