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TDS Aarau

   Aarau, Switzerland
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TDS Aarau

Country: Switzerland



2,200  Students

TDS Aarau (Theological Diaconal Seminary Aarau), founded in 1960, is an ecclesiastical university seated in Aarau, Switzerland. It is sponsored by the Theological Diaconal Seminary Aarau association. Approximately 130 students are currently trained as deacons. The Seminary offers three training programs: the four-year Diploma program “Sozialdiakonie mit Gemeindeanimation HF“, preparing students for activities in ecclesiastical and social professions both at home and abroad, the four-year extra-occupational Diploma program “Gemeindeanimation HF“, as well as the three-year part-time training program “Chatechism“ (certificate), enabling conducting religious classes in the majority of the Swiss Reformed Churches. The Seminary’s educational offer is complemented by the three-year continuative program “Theology/Mission“ (certificate), preparing for activities abroad based on modules such as Transcultural Expertise and Religions, or Mission Theology.



    University address: Frey-Herosé-Strasse 9, 5000 Aarau, Switzerland

   Phone:  +41 62 8364343

   Fax:  + 41 62 26005251

   Website:  https://www.tdsaarau.ch

Frey-Herosé-Strasse 9, 5000 Aarau, Switzerland
+41 62 8364343
+ 41 62 26005251

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