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Trossingen University of Music

   Trossingen, Germany
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Trossingen University of Music

Country: Germany


76 Programs

472  Students

Trossingen University of Music, founded in 1946, is a public music school seated in Trossingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg. It constitutes the only German music school in the Lake Constance region. Around 480 students currently receive an education in arts and music education at the University. The range of studies comprises undergraduate Bachelor programs, consecutive as well as non-consecutive Master programs, teacher education programs (higher secondary teaching qualification), doctoral and post-doctoral programs, as well as Concert Exam programs. The Bachelor courses on offer are “Music“ (B.Mus.), “Early Music“ (B.Mus.), “Baroque Orchestra“ (B.Mus.), “Music & Movement“ (B.Mus.), “Church Music B“ (B.Mus.), as well as “Music Design“ (B.Mus.). At Master’s level, Trossingen University offers the following study courses: “Instrumental/Singing“ (M.Mus.), “Chamber Music: Instrumental/Vocal“ (M.Mus.), “Lied Accompaniment for Piano, Accordion and Guitar“ (M.Mus.), “Opera“ (M.Mus.), “Vocal Ensembles“ (M.Mus.), “Orchestra“ (M.Mus.), “Performance“ (M.Mus.), “Contemporary Music“ (M.Mus.), “Early Music“ (M.Mus.), “Church Music A“ (M.Mus.), “Conducting“ (M.Mus.), “Ensemble Conducting (Guitar)“ (M.Mus.), “Music & Movement“ (M.Mus.), “Playing Music in Classrooms“ (M.Mus.), “Music for People in the Third and Fourth Age“ (M.Mus.), “Music-Movement-Language“ (M.A.), and “Musicology“ (M.A.).



    University address: Schultheiß-Koch-Platz 3, 78647 Trossingen, Germany

   Phone:  +49 7425 94910

   Fax:  +49 7425 949148

   Website:  https://www.hfm-trossingen.de

Schultheiß-Koch-Platz 3, 78647 Trossingen, Germany
+49 7425 94910
+49 7425 949148

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