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Ukrainian Free University Munich

   Munich, Germany
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Ukrainian Free University Munich

Country: Germany


18 Programs

149  Students

The Ukranian Free University Munich, founded in 1921, is a private university in exile seated in Munich, Bavaria. It currently accomodates more than 200 students, and breaks down into three faculties: the Faculty of Political Science and Economics, the Faculty of Ukranian Studies, and the Faculty of Humanities. The Faculty of Political Science and Economics provides Master and doctoral programs in International and Comparative Law, International Business Law, Business Administration, Economics, and Political Science. In the Faculty of Ukrainian Studies, students are taught the history of Ukraine, Ukrainian language and literature, as well as Ukraine-related subjects featuring aspects relating to Literature Studies, Philosophy, and Education. The Faculty of Humanities provides study opportunities in philosophical disciplines as well as in subjects such as Education, Comparative Literature, and Philosophy. Admission to study is granted only to non-German students with sufficient knowlege of the German and Ukrainian language.



    University address: Barellistraße 9A, 80638 München, Germany

   Phone:  +49 89 9973883

   Fax:  n/a

   Website:  https://www.ufu-muenchen.de

Barellistraße 9A, 80638 München, Germany
+49 89 9973883

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