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University of Potsdam

   Potsdam, Germany
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University of Potsdam

Country: Germany


114 Programs

20,411  Students

University of Potsdam, founded in 1991, is a public university seated in Potsdam, Brandenburg. Accomodating more than 20,000 students, it is the largest institution of higher education throughout Brandenburg. The University of Potsdam is comprised of six faculties: the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Human Sciences, the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, and the Faculty of Digital Engineering. The study offer ranges from Bachelor and Master degree programs, including teacher education programs, to continuing education programs. The scope of continuing education programs is comprised of programs within and outside of the context of a course of study. Among the former are the MBA programs “Biotechnology and Medical Technology“, “Information Technology“, “Innovative Technologies“, “Innovative Health Management“, “Negotiation Management“ and “Media Law and Media Management“, the Magister program “Law“ (postgraduate course), the LLM program “Media Law and Media Management“, “Master of Public Management“, “Master of European Governance and Administration“, as well as the Master programs “School Management and Educational Management“, and “Corporate Law and Tax Law“. The latter include an Executive Training program, a certificate course, and two certificate modules. Those seeking to take part in a doctoral program can choose between three forms of doctorates: individual doctorate, structured doctorate, and binational doctorate.



    University address: Am Neuen Palais 10, 14469 Potsdam, Germany

   Phone:  +49 331 9770

   Fax:  +49 331 972163

   Website:  https://www.uni-potsdam.de

Am Neuen Palais 10, 14469 Potsdam, Germany
+49 331 9770
+49 331 972163

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