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Vinzenz Pallotti University

   Vallendar, Germany
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Vinzenz Pallotti University

Country: Germany


10 Programs

378  Students

Vinzenz Pallotti University, founded in 1896, is a state-approved ecclesiastical institution of higher education seated in Vallendar, Rhineland-Palatinate. It is sponsored by the Marienhaus Holding GmbH and the Vinzenz Palotti GmbH. The Hochschule breaks down into two faculties: the Faculty of Theology, and the Faculty of Nursing Science. Nearly 350 students are enrolled at Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule Vallendar. The study program in Theology culminates in a Mag.Theol., Licentiate, Dr.theol., or Ph.D. degree. In terms of Nursing Science, the study courses “Nursing Expertise“ (B.Sc.), “Nursing Science“ (M.Sc.), the teacher education course “Nursing in Vocational Schools“ (B.Ed./M.Ed.), as well as a doctoral program (Dr.rer.cur.) are on offer..



    University address: Pallottistraße 3, 56179 Vallendar, Germany

   Phone:  +49 261 64020

   Fax:  +49 261 6402300

   Website:  https://www.pthv.de

Pallottistraße 3, 56179 Vallendar, Germany
+49 261 64020
+49 261 6402300

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