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Management: Event, B.A.

University: Karlshochschule International University

Visit website: https://karlshochschule.de

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3 Years

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68 € / Year


The event industry is one of the newest and fastest growing industries. Event Management involves the application of project management skills to create large-scale events like weddings, festivals, concerts, conferences and parties. Subjects studied in Event Management typically include Delivering Customer Experience, Food and Beverage Studies, Hotel and Accommodation Management, Service Sector Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance and Accounting, Event Design and Implementation, Community Organization, Event Budgeting, Event Operations and Risk Management, and more. Students also have the opportunity to develop professional skills like high adaptability, analytical and critical thinking, problem solving, strategic planning, creativity and innovation, and transfer them to a real work environment through internships and work placements. There is a wide range of events – from highly publicized international sporting events and festivals to local concerts and conferences, and the demand for them is increasing, so studying Event Management can be very prospective. An Event Management degree opens the door to careers in festival planning, conference planning, media event strategy, event planning, event marketing and promotion, show organizing, wedding planning, venue management, staff coordination and many more.

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