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Management: Arts and Entertainment, B.A.

Karlshochschule International University

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Management: Arts and Entertainment, B.A.

University: Karlshochschule International University

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3 Years

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68 € / Year


Performing Arts are an art form in which artists express themselves using their voices and bodies. Their purpose is to entertain the audience with movements and singing. A degree in Performing Arts provides students with knowledge in subjects like Performance Theory, Arts Issues, History of Performing Arts, Educational Drama, Sociological Studies, Performance Criticism, Staging, Philosophy, Writing for Theatre, Improvisation, Interpretation of Music and others. Students learn basic performance techniques and develop the ability to think creatively, perform in public, solve problems in a creative way, observe and analyze, communicate freely, execute ideas, demonstrate their skills and work under pressure. Teamwork is highly encouraged, so students can learn to collaborate and engage in the creative process, be it writing or performing. Rehearsals and practice are at the basis of any Performing Arts degree. Graduates have many opportunities and can pursue various careers – actor, dancer, performer, musician, music therapist, theatre director, manager, pedagogue, teacher, researcher, screen writer, performing art therapist, arts administrator and many more.

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