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Embedded Systems, M.Sc.

University: EIT Digital Master School

Visit website: https://masterschool.eitdigital.eu

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4 Semester

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Full-time studies


300 € / Year


Educational Technology is a term that refers to the integration of digital technology into academic processes. Technology enables students and teachers to establish better relationships, and makes studying more enjoyable and fun. Educational Technology aims to improve the educational system, enhance performances and results, and make the learning process more efficient. Educational Technology degree programs are multidisciplinary, generally including subjects like Programming, Coding, Games for Learning, Innovation and Technology Integration, Educational Policy and Practice, Educational Inquiry and Evaluation, Online Instructional Design, Curricular Integration of Educational Technology, Evaluating and Applying Instructional Media and more. A degree course in Educational Technology provides students with in-depth theoretical knowledge and techniques on how to enhance pupils’ potential and evaluate the social and ethical implications of educational policies and practices. Educational Technology graduates will have developed strong leadership, problem-solving, critical and analytical-thinking and communication skills, which will help them pursue potential careers in a variety of fields, such as corporate training, course development, educational program design, curriculum development, consultancy, learning technology, e-learning development, media development, research, teaching and many more.

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For this program, a specific Bachelor´s degree is needed. 8000€ tuition fees per year for international applicants.