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History, Gymnasium and Gesamtschule Teacher, B.A.

RWTH Aachen University

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History, Gymnasium and Gesamtschule Teacher, B.A.

University: RWTH Aachen University

Visit website: https://www.rwth-aachen.de

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6 Semester

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Full-time studies


300 € / Semester


The degree course “Bachelor of Arts in History, Gymnasium and Gesamtschule Teacher’’ offered by RWTH Aachen University is geared towards students who want to pursue Master studies in teacher training. This is a full-time study program with a duration of six semesters. Throughout their studies, participants will acquire fundamental knowledge of history in three basic modules: Ancient History, Middle Ages, and Modern Age. In the fifth and sixth semester of their studies, participants will be presented with pedagogy modules that will shift the focus from history to facilitating school teaching processes. In addition, students will have the chance to combine their subjects with additional instructional subjects that can be chosen from ten possibilities.

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