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SHLR Rorschach

   Rorschach, Switzerland
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SHLR Rorschach

Country: Switzerland



550  Students

SHLR Rorschach, established in 2008, is a state-approved educational institution seated in Roschach, Switzerland. It has the status of a university of education, serving to provide training and advanced training to individuals seeking a career as speech therapists. The scope of studies offered by SHLR Rorschach includes the study program “Speech Therapy“, a Diploma program at Bachelor’s level which can be completed on a full-time basis (i.e., within six semesters) or on a part-time basis (i.e., within ten semesters). The program touches on various subject areas, ranging from Speech Therapy, through Psychology, Medicine, Education, Linguistics, to Curative Education. On top of all that, SHLR Rorschach provides a number of continuing education opportunities, such as several CAS certificate studies, conferences, as well as numerous continuative courses. Under certain conditions, it is possible to attend the study program at SHLR Rorschach even without any formal proof of admission qualification.



    University address: Seminarstrasse 27, 9400 Rorschach, Switzerland

   Phone:  +41 71 8587171

   Fax:  +41 71 8587175

   Website:  https://www.shlr.ch

Seminarstrasse 27, 9400 Rorschach, Switzerland
+41 71 8587171
+41 71 8587175

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